Saturday, September 19, 2015


Software or Program

There are two components in computer system. First is Hardware and Another is software. Hardware is the parts of computer that can be touched and software is the part of computer system that can not be touched. The program that is contained in the computer memory is called software. In simple Software is the knowledge of computer system. Software is also called program. Creating or writing a program or software is called programming and the language in which we write a program is called programming language. There are many types of programming language but all of them are categorized under there groups. 
1. machine level language
2. assembly level language
3. high level language
machine level language is the code in binary number system and also arranged as hexadecimal code. They are very hard to write and understand since one character or alphabet contains long binary code.
Assembly level language is little bit easy than machine level language. It is used to achieve pin and port of hardware like processor and micro-controller .